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The Devavry family has been cultivating vines on some of the finest slopes in all of Champagne for 4 generations and always with the same dedication and attachment to their land. Over the years they have acquired an enviable reputation for exceptional champagnes, a reputation that everyone involved in the business today is fiercely committed to maintaining. This means ensuring continuity so that the family expertise, the core asset, is passed from one generation to the next, whilst also embracing progress to improve every aspect of wine making so as to offer customers truly outstanding champagnes. Attention to detail, dedication and creativity are the watchwords behind the hard earned success and reputation that the family enjoys today.


Naturally, only premium quality grapes are used in the production of CARBON Champagne; Premier Cru Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs and Pinot Noir from the Marne Valley. Precious secrets passed down over 200 years along with expertise and mastery of traditional techniques, creativity and skill produce a champagne with a perfect aromatic balance. CARBON believes a tasting experience that captures the audience can only emerge through persistent boldness and creativity.


As it maps out its own unique path, CARBON collects special qualities and distinctive characteristics.

Le terroir, the soil of life from which the grapes are grown is the genome of the wine's identity. The oak barrels, that guarantee the quality of each wine, provide its signature.The nature of the cork is also significant. Sealed in the traditional style, CARBON Champagnes benefits - thanks to the cork - from just the right amount of oxygen. This enables the complete development of the wine whilst maintaining its freshness.Another distinguishing factor is the gentle rotation of the bottles. This caressing, hand-operated movement is key; a half or quarter turn detaches the lees in the bottle, putting them back into suspension and enriching the wine with compounds in the sediment.One more word on tasting. Regarding the rule in the tasting edict that Champagne should be accompanied by straight, vertical lines, CARBON begs to differ. Could it not be that rounded, generously curved glasses embody a more natural, more intense form of pleasure? Our glasses are therefore spherical, like full moons, destined to draw the champagne’s aromatic development towards its climatic release.

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